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March 09, 2009


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Albert Do

I love your guitars! And your studio/the art store looks amazing!


wow your girlfriend's art store looks wonderful!

nice to see you have a blog ... i'll definitely be following this closely. you're an incredibly gifted musician mr larson :D

justin s.

i think i am in love with the 50's ludwig snare too! i have one from the 60's that was my dad's and it is my baby. good vintage drums beat virtually anything put out today.


What a beautiful and inspiring place you've got. Btw, I'm the biggest Elsie fan in the world, well one of them anyway! I think she is amazing, you are one lucky guy (yes, she is lucky too!).

Please come and visit us in Sweden sometime :)


I love the studio, esp. the piano and the guitars. What a great creative place. I agree I'd spend most of my time there too.

From reading Elsie's blog, since you guys have the coffee shop across the street I'd be set. LOL

And I love Elsie's store, I just placed an order yesterday. I will visit the store one day soon I hope.

So happy for you both to be living your dreams. I think it's a great thing.

Six Gun Annie

Hey man! Glad you are blogging, I'm sure you know it can become addictive!! Sweet studio space. Lovin' your drum kit.

I put your link up on my blog, if you have a sidebar ad or something I can put up feel free to send it my way.


It was fun to read something from the "other half." :)


welcome to blogging!


loove the vintage gear...siighh.
i think either of the above places would be the perfect spot to get "accidentally locked in to"! hahaha.

congrats on the lovely space you both have!


Yay!! Very excited about your blog. I just want to let you know that you are a very inspirational musician and if you ever come down towards Dallas, I will be there front row. Keep up the awesome work!

Vivianna is so lovely!!!


So fantastic! It's great to see more of a peek into the other half of the Elsie/Jeremy dynamic duo.

LURVE Elsie's goodies and LURVE your musica... you're both so very inspirational! And you've really gone above and beyond in creating such inspiring spaces to create in.

Jordan Radojcsics

Both of you are lovely and inspiring. Thanks! :)


YAY Jeremy for getting a blog...I'm a long time fan/follower of Elsie. Such an inspiration to me and soooo many others. Will be nice to meet you as well when I can drive down to visit Elsie's store. I love the Cello... What an awesome Christmas present. You make beautiful music. And I really enjoyed watching how you made the song "Today" I'm adding you to my blog list right after I send this. Have a Great Day!!!


so glad you have a blog now! elsie speaks so highly of you on hers, it'll be nice to get views from the other half. you two are a great team, looove your studio space.


My husband is jealous of the mixer. Thanks for sharing!


Jeremy! Ahh.. I feel like I'm communicating with a famous person!

I really admore you and what you're doing with your music. You (and a few other indie artists/bands) have inspired me to get into the music scene and I'm currently hunting for an electric violin and a banjo.

Are you self taught? (I may need to scroll down and real your earlier posts fully)

I figure that the best way nto make the kind of music that I want is to just... try and.. make it. No lessons or formal instruction. Hopefully it'll work!

p.s. ~ You rocked with MuteMath. :]


this is so exciting that you have a blog Jeremy! Elsie is way excited too i know :]

i love the pictures of your studio.. it has such a wonderful atmosphere.


Great blog, great studio! Also, great girlfriend :)

Judy Cebreros

Congrats on your blog! You and Elsie are such a great and inspiring couple. She's a great teacher too.


i can't believe how many instruments you have! Lucky boy! And so talented to be able to play them all! Love the lights in your studio.


hi jeremy!

can you please tell me a bit more about your 50's ludwig snare?

im on the hunt for one of these myself.

can u name a couple songs you used it on in salvation club and what skins you have used to achieve your sound?

i've been using a modern premier equivalent but have been having trouble getting a sound out of it that im happy with.
thanks man,
loving the blogs!

Vanessa Gumdrop

What kind of ukelele do you have?


Such a beautiful working environment! Your music is wonderful. I'm so jealous of the Steinway I could cry! I'm stuck on a horrid electric piano at the moment, it's driving me bonkers!

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