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October 05, 2010


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love this song- its the one you made about your finace, right?


Just listened to the single and I loooove it! It sort of sounds like the holidays - catchy and light and lovely!

Jill Denton

looooooooooooooove it!

Jason Normore

looking forward to the album friend!
missing your beard also!


Thanks for the free download! I love the new song!!! Love the holiday vibe with the kinda 1960s flair to it!

I am definitely going to let my friends know about your music!

:) Thanks!


Out of curiosity...if we were to make that into a button (for say a blog) would we link to the RVA store?

*BTW I got two of my friends hooked on your single!*


WIll spread the word! Great song. I am posting you on my blog tomorrow :)

Dustin Smith

I'm so pumped.

Amy Burnett

Posted it on the sound and can't wait myself.

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