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December 07, 2010


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oh wow! couldn't be more exited for this! love stacy and darren's bands to death, and of course will be siked to see what you all come up with together! congrats!


Oh wow. This is pure magic. I'm so excited!




ohhhh maannnn... this is exciting. The approach that you're making to these songs sounds really intriguing and seeing that bass drum makes me want to hear the music even more. Can't wait until we get to hear it!

Oh HOW exciting! I love Stacy's voice! I have your version of Silver Springs on repeat!


This is going to be great. Amazing idea. :-)


Well, colour me excited! That's awesome news, Jeremy and I can fully understand your excitement. Looking forward to hearing some of the material in future!

Now that we are on the topic of Stacy DuPree and Darren King (or Stacy and and Darren King?), does anyone have a link to where I can download "Silver Spring"? I listen to that cover all of the time on youtube and I'd really like a copy of it for my iPod. Also, where can I get "All But One Saint"? To my knowledge, these songs haven't been released. I have both albums but I would really like both of these songs as they're both doozies. Any help would be appreciated!


Well the second I found out those to were a couple I knew any music collaboration from them would be amazing. I love Eisley very much and Stacy has always been my favorite singer in the band. And I have been trying to learn the drums and Darren has been my inspiration for years. Thank you jeremy for bringing this project to life.


That is awesaweum! Totes cited.

That was indeed a super special announcement!


holy freakin' shit. this is the best news ever. stacy dupree is my idol.


I did some searching! Visit this website for a free, you heard it, FREE, download of "All But One Saint". A great track.



Ooh, and visit to find a link where you can download a free copy of Jeremy Larson, Stacy DuPree and Darren King covering "Silver Spring". Man, Google rocks!


This is very exciting to hear about. I have been a big fan of Eisley for years and I started to read Elsie's blog because of them. I love when creative people get together and can do what they were meant to do.


This is brilliant news. Great combination! I can't wait to hear what you guys are doing together! : )


how exciting! cant wait to hear it!!! :)


Rock and roll. Hope you're having fun, Jeremy. (:


This couldn't make me any happier! Thank you!!


I'm a huge fan of Eisley and I can't wait to hear it! Looks like you guys are having a blast! :)


i loved the silver springs cover yall did- so i cant wait to hear the new music!!!


Wow, so excited for this! You are all so talented, this will surely be an amazing collaboration!

GetReadySetGo Rachel

this is OFFICIALLY the thing i am MOST looking forward to mucic-wise in 2011! i still watch the Siversprings video you guys made at least a few times a month.
thanks so much for sharing this sure-to-be-EXCELLENT project:)


Can't wait!

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Cool studio!!!Keep u guys are working hard... Great combination!!! Waiting to hear what you people are going to do.... My hearty wishes to u all...

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