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March 07, 2011


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Are we allowed to download these?


Hehe, soooooooo goood. :-) We loooove this one. And DKing, amazing.


Ha! That's so polite of you to ask! Yes, please download it. Send it to your friends, post it on your blogs.

Zack Moody

How do you download it!?


So excited to finally hear the album! Thank you so much for being so open about this whole process of creating it.

I'm still so upset I can't make the show (If only you were coming to the east coast.) Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for the DVD, I still go on google every now and then to find your last show. (Never any luck)

I'm not sure if you've mentioned this but where will be able to get the album; iTunes or will you be putting it out here?


Not sure, maybe ask Jono?


Probably won't be on iTunes just yet. I'll be using bandcamp and possibly a couple of other sites.


Love it!! Can't wait til Saturday!!


To download it, right click on the letters themselves and click "Save As." Worked for me.


Great song!!! Outstanding vocal and strings. LOVE the ending ....................... Sounds like it is sucked up into a vortex.


If I want a physical copy of the new album, where can I get it? I live in Cardiff, UK.


I love to hear the entire version of
Wow!It's amazing!

Thomas L

I came here via hearing about Stacy's solo album and her work with you. Will her portion of the live DVD be available, or will it only be your part of the show?

I'm sure there are a lot of Eisley fans that are interested in her solo material!


amazing!. i cant wait for the album. i know your not doing many physical copies of the album. but wht about the dvd?
will us people from the uk be able to buy a dvd of your show? oh that would be lovely.

le george

Love the song!


Will the release of your album on iTunes be simultaneous with the night of the show?

le george

This may be a peculiar thing to point out, but your enunciation in this song is excellent. The words are all understandable, which I think is something that some artists often do not notice. I feel like this, in some ways, enhances the lyrics so that people aren't wondering "What did he say?".

Paula Ga

I normally do not listen to men in music, but this song has fascinated me, as you have no idea. I look for in music is that mehaga feel something inside and that I succeed.
Congratulations on this great race.

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