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August 01, 2011


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Andrew R.

Is August EP by Sleeping at Last one of them? I've only heard Page 28 from it but it's wonderful.

If that's not one of them, than never mind, but it's still amazing.


Mastering Audio by Bob Katz?


whoa... weird. That's the one!


Haha, they made us read/study/revere it in school. I totally understand why it made you think of algebra class. That guy is half mastering engineer half physicist I think! The dude built himself ROBOTIC OUTBOARD GEAR so he can automate outside the box! Doesn't get too much more professorish than that! That book really opened my eye's about digital audio...

Separate note(s), are there any shows on the horizon?!/Is there a date set for the DVD release?!


Not even gonna guess about the albums. I am so impressed that your teacher helped you! When I was at SMSU my math teacher started class the same way, the next class she asked those who were in the arts to raise their hands, out of 60-70 students there were about 20 of us (I was a theatre major). The professor went on to say, "The music majors MIGHT pass this class but the rest of you arts majors, won't pass this class, at all, you just can't get it so hire a tutor." I wish I'd had Ms. Weatherwax.(BTW I didn't hire a tutor, didn't have the money, but I did pass the class by the skin of my teeth but I passed).


Little life lessons with Mr Larson, and alliteration at its best! No but I really enjoyed this post :)


What a sweet professor. Mastering sounds quite interesting. Nice to know the nuts and bolts of what makes you tick when you write your music...math, science, music theory... Thanks for sharing. :)


lol, sounds crazy man. double those eq's all day. or chop em in half. even when you know the theory it still seems unfathomable. from someone who's done (attempted) plenty of mastering as well.

North Face us

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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