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December 06, 2011


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I wish that I was musical enough to actually relate to this post on a deeper level...But truly, I am in a slight state of shocked awe. I'm a recent convert to your music, and am also a huge fan of Mutemath. I hadn't realised you'd worked so closely with them in the past, and I'm so excited to be able to revisit one of my favourite albums, and dissect the string components of Armistice :D


so i guess this song would have been "Odds" since it's the only one on the record that's in the key of A as far as i can remember..

Dustin Smith

Ahh, if that's true odds would be sweet with some good strings.


what did you do? did you have to re-track the strings, or did you do some protools magic to shift the pitches (even though that would prolly make it a little weird-sounding..)

a similar story- for this last record, my producer accidentally had the violinist record the cello part. we had to call her back in when we realized the mistake, but ended up using both parts anyway :)

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